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Do you need a rifle that can widthstand the beating of harsh weather and multi-day treks in the backcountry? Here is a shortlist of our best rifles and ammunitions fit for the job!


Harvesting big game requires dependable tools to guarantee your success. The below selection provides you with a head start in the challenging pursuit of the best meat on the planet.


If varmint and pest control is your thing, you might want to take a look at our best picks from our rifles and ammunition selection below.

7 mm Rem Mag - The Classic Elk Cartridge

The beginning of the 1960s was an interesting time in the development of hunting firearms and calibers. New rifles were launched, and in the meantime, the need for new kinds of calibers came in handy.

Copper, An alternative or simply a better bullet?

Discussions about copper bullets are taking place in Europe at an accelerating pace. The threat over the use of lead is strong, so the transition to the use of substitute materials also speaks for the bullet materials used in rifles today.

How to choose a driven hunt rifle?

Mostly practiced in our European landscapes, driven hunting remains one of the most popular way people pursue game venison and maintain wild life population. Here are a few important things to know when you purchase your first rifle for this practice.


Small predator lure hunting is an interesting form of hunting. Active luring is used to attract a predator to the scene by imitating the distress call of a small animal.

6.5 Creedmoor vs. 6.5PRC - Which one to pick for Hunting?

In hunting use, the 6.5 Creedmoor practically does everything that previous 6.5 mm bullet calibers do, but its accuracy potential has been seen as attractive especially in hunting small and medium-sized game, where the caliber comes into its own.

The Capercaillie hunter from the north

Treetop hunting is a form of hunting in which the hunter shoots wildfowl from the tops of trees. The challenges are related to a number of external factors, such a lack of daylight, frost and snow. Shooting situations are generally either difficult or very difficult and, with the adrenaline pumping, the hunter needs to concentrate on making a precise shot.

How I became a hunter – Nicklas Peltola

Nicklas Peltola was introduced to hunting by their grandpa and enjoyed shooting at a young age. After a long break, he resumed hunting as a hobby with his grandpa and later purchased his own shotgun. Nicklas eventually began rifle hunting and shot a male deer a few years ago. This is his story how he started hunting.

Will O’Meara - A mountain hunter in the wilds of Wicklow

A stunning, rugged, mountainous landscape stretches far into the horizon. A lake glimmers in the last rays of sunshine before the sky turns grey, and a howling gust of wind sweeps through the valley bringing with it a drizzle of rain. This is Wicklow mountains in Ireland, which Will O’Meara, a dedicated and hardy mountain hunter calls both his home and hunting ground.