Controlled Expansion Series


The wise choice for big game hunters

Dependable mushrooming with great resistance on bone hits

A heavy jacketed and soft-point bullet with a bonded core. The bullet shape and construction are specially designed to prevent core separation and provide controlled mushrooming with excellent stopping power. Round nose design increases expansion speed and dependability. The bullet is very effective for big game hunting at short distances.

Key benefits

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    Fast energy transfer on target, good knockdown power

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    Guaranteed terminal performance

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    Minimized risk of ricochets

CaliberBullet weightMuzzle velocityBallistic coefficientC.O.L
308 Win.13 g710 m/s0.32469.5 mm
308 Win.11.7 g750 m/s0.22168.8 mm
7,62 x 53 R13 g720 m/s0.32471.5 mm
7 x 6411 g795 m/s0.37184 mm
270 Win.10.1 g830 m/s0.31082.3 mm
7 mm Rem. Mag.11 g860 m/s0.37182.2 mm
30-06 Spring.14.3 g720 m/s0.37682.5 mm
30-06 Spring.11.7 g820 m/s0.22280.2 mm
7,62 x 53 R11.7 g765 m/s0.22168.3 mm
338 Win. Mag.16.2 g745 m/s0.34282.5 mm
8 x 57 IRS13 g720 m/s0.25376.6 mm
8 x 57 IS13 g765 m/s0.25375.7 mm
9,3 x 6218.5 g710 m/s0.28683 mm
7 x 65 R11 g790 m/s0.37183.6 mm

Key Features

Key Features

Soft lead tip ensures immediate expansion and good energy transfer.

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