Rapid Expansion Series

Gamehead Varmint RX

The ultimate varmint cartridge

Fragmenting bullet for bigger vermin

Sako has developed the ultimate Varmint bullet that features a thin jacket and massive hollow-point that results in extremely fast fragmentation upon impact. As a result, the bullet offers high versatility across different sizes of vermin and improves safety against ricochets. This high-precision boat-tailed bullet will be loaded in calibers .308Win and .30-06 Spring with 8,4g / 130gr bullet weight.

Key benefits

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    Minimized risk of ricochets

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    Fast energy transfer on target, good knockdown power on soft skin game

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    Guaranteed terminal performance

CaliberBullet weightMuzzle velocityBallistic coefficientC.O.L
308 Win.8.4 g940 m/s0.21666.4 mm
30-06 Spring.8.4 g965 m/s0.21677.4 mm

Key Features

Key Features

This bullet is design to expand in a very aggressive way to explode upon impact. Generated fragments are so small that it also minimizes the risk of ricochet.

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