Monolithic Series

Powerhead Blade

Lead-free bullets with high penetration capabilities and good durability. Maximal weight retention. Versatile bullet for various types of hunting.

The most innovative lead-free hunting ammunition

Sako has developed the new lead-free BLADE bullet to meet the needs of the most demanding lead-free hunters. One of the challenges in development of the bullet with alternative materials has been the inadequate performance in either situations: not expanding for small game/long range impacts or fragmenting down on close situation/bone hits. With its Blade Tip, 100% pure ductile copper and 5-Stage terminal architecture, SAKO Blade offers excellent performance on different shooting ranges and various sizes of game.

Key benefits

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    Optimal stopping power at various distances for both medium and big game size

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    Excellent bullet weight retention to preserve the meat with very limited risk of fragmentation

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    Contrary to lead based bullets, they are non-toxic

CaliberBullet weightMuzzle velocityBallistic coefficientC.O.L
6,5 Creedmoor7.8 g875 m/s0.34871.4 mm
6,5 x 55 SE7.8 g855 m/s0.34877 mm
243 Win.5.2 g965 m/s0.25166.3 mm
270 Win.7.8 g960 m/s0.34080.7 mm
308 Win.9.7 g840 m/s0.40170.5 mm
308 Win.10.5 g815 m/s0.39070.1 mm
30-06 Spring.11 g845 m/s0.39981.6 mm
300 Win. Mag.11 g920 m/s0.41084.5 mm
300 Win. Mag.11.3 g910 m/s0.42984.2 mm
8 x 57 IS11.7 g815 m/s0.38480.3 mm
9,3 x 6214.9 g780 m/s0.34282.8 mm
375 H&H Mag.16.9 g815 m/s0.36491 mm

Key Features

Key Features

The Blade bullet is performing with higher weight retention, resulting in a strong shock effect. It also has an excellent resistance against bone hits.

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