Reborn to enhance your senses


Just like you, our world’s most advanced bolt action rifles evolve and improve to be even smoother, lighter and accurate to fit your journey. The Sako 90 is the ultimate rifle series reborn to enhance your experiences in the wild. The supreme companion for your journeys, developed together with you – the hunter.


Focus on the journey. To all those remarkable moments in the nature that take your breath away. Focus on your senses. They help you understand and perceive the world around you - to be truly aware of the things surrounding you. To experience exceptional things, you must put yourself in exceptional places. In the nature you can truly be reborn.

Key benefits

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    Rifle models specifically designed for mountain and backcountry hunting as well as for traditional game hunting.

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    The legendary hunting experience with ultimate accuracy, reliability and smoothest operation in the market.

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    Enhanced ergonomics, materials and coatings for unparalleled hunting experience.

Sako 90 Series Tech Talk

Sako 90 Quest Ultra

As a seasoned backcountry hunter, you might want to take a look at the Sako 90 Quest Ultra. Its adjustability is pushed to the extreme and will really help you get a great connection to the rifle when taking those challenging shots.


Sako 90 Quest

Designed for backcountry hunters, the Sako 90 Quest is ready to take on any challenging hunts you take it on.


Sako 90 Peak

Simply one of the lightest bolt action on the market! Designed for the outdoorsman and woman roaming in the high country or greater altitude.


Sako 90 Adventure

As very polyvalent rifle, the Sako 90 Adventure is built to suit many hunting styles and disciplines. Its durability is what makes it a highly reliable rifle for beginners and seasoned hunters.


Sako 90 Bavarian

Once you will try the Sako 90 Bavarian, you will never look at a wooden stock rifle the same way. Designed for high-seat hunting, it is a top choice if you like the beauty and feel of this Central-European styled rifle.


Sako 90 Hunter

Dotted with world-class Sako features, this popular hunting rifle feels the needs of many hunters around the globe. A true classic that never goes out of style!


Sako 90 Varmint

Built for the long-range shooting and hunting, the Sako 90 Varmint offers rigidity and stability for pinpoint accuracy. It is truly the perfect Varmint rifle for the dedicated hunter.


Key features

Key features

The most reliable, field tested and proven bolt in the market - to ensure maximum safety and robust push-feed operation. ​


Sako 90 Community

It's all about respect and immersing yourself in nature

Having the privilege to hunt should not be taken for granted. As Willie and for many of us, it is an integral part of who we are.

Hunting can teach you a lot of life skills

Follow you instincts and trust them.

It feels like home

We all have our reasons to go out hunting but the thing that connects us all is our relationship with nature and being present in the moment taking it all in.

It's all about respect and good ethics

Hunting an animal is all about respecting and valuing its life. If you want to eat meat you need to be comfortable with the process of harvesting it.