All SAKO 90 rifle receivers are designed to minimize the contact area between the bolt and receiver to achieve the world’s smoothest bolt operation.

3 Locking lugs design

All SAKO 90 rifles have a 3-locking-lug design. In conjunction with the different action sizes, the locking lug surface area has been optimized to ensure maximum lug surface area for all calibre groups. SAKO 90 bolt locking lugs are manufactured to ensure full contact is always maintained with the counterpart surface. On top of this, every SAKO 90 is factory tested (CIP test) prior to shipping with two high pressure shots at the SAKO factory. This all contributes to ensuring maximum safety.

Smoothness of the bolt

Sako 90 action is designed for reliable push-feed operation. In this method of feeding cartridges to the chamber, the locking lug of the bolt pushes the cartridge forward, and once it pops out from underneath the magazine’s feeding lips the cartridge is in automatically directing itself to the chamber while the bolt face pushes it in. Once in place in the chamber the extractor claw is pushed to the groove of the casing. Push-feed operation is proven to be extremely reliable and easy to operate, even by just inserting a cartridge at a time to the action from the ejection port.

Improved case ejection

In SAKO 90 rifles, robust ejection of empty cases is ensured by a double plunger arrangement famous from the acclaimed SAKO TRG family of military and law enforcement sniper rifles. This is especially important when hunting dangerous game. The SAKO bolt operation has been verified by over 5 million cycles without malfunction. The SAKO bolt is the most reliable and field-tested bolt on the market and proven to ensure the safety and robust operation of the SAKO 90 rifle platform.