Target Series


A full-metal jacket bullet that delivers ultimate accuracy for target shooting. It provides minimal meat damage to birds

Practice made easy with consistent accuracy

Minimized point of impact shift.

Key benefits

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    Good accuracy

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    Consistent muzzle velocity

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    Less barrel wear

CaliberBullet weightMuzzle velocityBallistic coefficientC.O.L
222 Rem.3.2 g970 m/s0.18953 mm
222 Rem. Mag.3.2 g975 m/s0.18157 mm
223 Rem.3.2 g1025 m/s0.18954.7 mm
22-250 Rem.3.2 g1150 m/s0.18958.2 mm
243 Win.5.8 g875 m/s0.35268 mm
6,5 x 55 SE9.3 g800 m/s0.53274 mm
308 Win.8 g890 m/s0.27368 mm
7,62 x 53 R8 g900 m/s0.27369.5 mm
30-06 Spring.8 g935 m/s0.27379.5 mm
300 AAC Blackout8 g640 m/s0.33051.3 mm
6,5 Creedmoor9.3 g820 m/s0.53269 mm

Key Features

Key Features

Full metal jacket bullet is always consistent. The reliability of this popular bullet means that every shot will hit the target.

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