Rapid Expansion Series


The all-purpose hunting bullet for small to medium-sized game

Universal, affordable, and good expansion capabilities

Spitzer-nosed soft-point bullet for accurate hits on smaller targets. Light jacket and non-bonded core allows rapid and effective expansion required for small to medium sized game and varmints. It is an excellent all-purpose hunting bullet for small to medium-sized game.

Key benefits

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    Rapid and effective expansion

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    Good knockdown power for small & medium size game

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    Multipurpose usability

CaliberBullet weightMuzzle velocityBallistic coefficientC.O.L
222 Rem.3.2 g970 m/s0.17953 mm
222 Rem.3.6 g950 m/s0.20254 mm
222 Rem. Mag.3.2 g975 m/s0.17957 mm
222 Rem. Mag.3.6 g980 m/s0.20257.8 mm
223 Rem.3.2 g970 m/s0.17954.7 mm
223 Rem.3.6 g965 m/s0.20256 mm
223 Rem.3.6 g970 m/s0.21656.8 mm
22-250 Rem.3.2 g1125 m/s0.17958.2 mm
22-250 Rem.3.6 g1100 m/s0.20259.4 mm
243 Win.4.9 g1050 m/s0.279
243 Win.5.8 g950 m/s0.31068 mm
243 Win.6.5 g905 m/s0.36568 mm
6,5 Creedmoor9.1 g835 m/s0.47169.4 mm
.25-06 Remington7.6 g910 m/s0.38178.2 mm
270 Win.8.4 g925 m/s0.41082.3 mm
7 mm 08 Rem.9.1 g860 m/s0.39469.5 mm
7,62 x 398 g715 m/s0.22255 mm
308 Win.8.4 g940 m/s0.21666.4 mm
308 Win.8 g920 m/s0.25067.5 mm
308 Win.9.7 g870 m/s0.30467.5 mm
308 Win.11.7 g780 m/s0.36568.7 mm
300 AAC Blackout8 g635 m/s0.32051.3 mm
30-06 Spring.8 g940 m/s0.27180 mm
30-06 Spring.9.7 g890 m/s0.32279.8 mm
30-06 Spring.11.7 g820 m/s0.38780 mm
7 x 647.8 g935 m/s0.32882 mm
8 x 57 IS9.7 g815 m/s0.33075 mm
8 x 57 IRS11.3 g775 m/s0.37476.6 mm
9,3 x 53 R16.6 g685 m/s0.24471 mm

Key Features

Key Features

Spitzer Boat Tail shape ensures flat trajectory. Good penetration and expansion are characteristics of these bullets even at the reduced impact velocities at medium range.

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