Sako TRG

Cutting edge long-range precision rifles

With the know-how and experience gained from decades of rifle making, Sako also has a long history of being a supplier of a vast range of cutting edge long-range precision rifles and match-grade TRG rifle ammunition.

Unparalleled long-range accuracy rifles

Competitive shooters around the world recognize Sako TRG as one of the most accurate and reliable rifles ever produced. Created to adapt to the most challenging shooting scenarios, this rifle series offers a ready, out-of-the-box rifle to compete with. Its modularity and adjustability capabilities are some of the core features to help you perform in any competition at long and extremely long distances.

Key benefits

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    Accurate out-of-the-box, the TRG barrels do not need to be broken in

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    Built for long range performance, the TRG rifles practical design makes them extremely enjoyable to shoot

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    Built on a legacy of precision, consistent accuracy is guaranteed

Key features

Key features

The modularity of the TRG rifle family allows the shooter to quickly change configuration to adapt to any kind of competition scenarios.

Product highlights by ambassadors

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Competitive Shooter |​ Instructor and Modern Day Sniper Co-Founder

REI HUONG - From zero to hero

Competitive Shooter

TODD VANLANGEN - It's all about the small things

Competitive Shooter and Instructor

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