The Powerhead Blade gets a new bullet design

The 30 cal 10.5g/162gr 655A Blade is an updated version of the 656A bullet.

The tip expansion sensitivity is fast, as before. The redesigned bullet has improved its ballistic performance with a BC of 0.415, and bone hit resistance capabilities. The bullet also features a smooth guidance profile that improves consistency when entering the rifling.

This also makes the bullet less sensitive to bullet jump, decreases velocity deviation and improves accuracy. The 655A bullet has the best versatility in its weight class if you take into consideration all attributes: Bullet expansion sensitivity and high energy hit capabilities. 

During our testing phase it has proved to deliver good penetration at all velocities and is still capable of delivering energy to target at low impact velocities. Its provides the hunters with consistent ballistic performance, even when compared to cold formed lead core open tip match bullets.

The added polishing and modified guidance structure make the bullets resistance consistent in barrels and decreases the velocity deviation.

Check all the details on the Product page below.