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The 3HGR rifle sling can be used to create a harness that distributes the rifle's weight evenly across both shoulders, making it feel lighter to carry. It can also be used as a safety strap and features a loop for stabilizing shooting from a prone or kneeling position. The Tikka 3HGR Overberget is a two-strap harness that can be tightened to secure the rifle to your back. It also features a loop for resting your arm and stabilizing your aim.

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Tikka Slings

Tikka 3HGR Light Harness Anyone who has ever carried a rifle - light or heavy - for more than a mile knows how heavy the rifle feels when the weight is only on one shoulder. By setting the 3HGR support strap over your other shoulder, you turn it into a harness that makes your rifle feel lighter and eliminates the need to adjust the position constantly. Sometimes finding the best hunting land requires climbing obstacles and passing through challenging terrain. In these situations, we suggest using the 3HGR as a safety strap by setting the support strap under your armpit. This way, the rifle is safe to carry and stays firmly on your back in any situation.

Light Harness does not differ much from traditional slings by weight or dimensions, but the difference lies in its features. Light Harness doesn't have a shooting support, but you can use the loop between the sling and support strap as additional support, just like with the 3HGR. Light Harness is compatible with numerous rifle models and allows muzzle down carry option. Sling swivels with easy attachments are always included.

Tikka 3HGR Overberget Overberget is made from two separate slings with a fast-adjustment buckle between them. When you must secure the rifle on your back, you can put it across your back and tighten the strap firmly by pulling the end of the lower strap. The construction also forms a loop under the shoulder padding that provides a thumbhole to rest your hand and keep the rifle steady on your shoulder while stalking in the woods. You can also use the sling to stabilize your aim in a prone or kneeling position, especially when using the muzzle-down carry option. You can put your support hand through the loop under the shoulder pad and use the strap as a chin sling support. Overberget comes in green and orange, both labelled with the stylish Tikka logo.

Key benefits

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    Evenly distributes the weight of the rifle

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    Can be used as a safety strap

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    Offers stability for shooting positions

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    Versatile for different carrying positions