Tikka muzzle brakes

More control, less recoil

The effective muzzle brake reduces recoil. Available in different thread sizes. Different models and colors for a perfect match with each rifle. See table for specifications and maximum caliber.

Reduce recoil and improve accuracy with our advanced muzzle brake

Tikka Muzzle devices

Reduce the recoil and improve accuracy with our effective muzzle brake, available in various thread sizes. Our muzzle brakes come in different models and colors, so you can easily match them with your rifle. Please refer to the table for specifications and the maximum caliber. Don't let the recoil interfere with your shooting experience, and choose our muzzle brake for a comfortable and enjoyable shooting experience.

Key benefits

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    Reduce recoil for better accuracy

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    Available in various thread sizes

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    Different models and colors available

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    Improved shooting experience