Tikka grips

Perfect grip, perfect shot

The wider and more vertical pistol grip improves the rifle's shooting performance and ergonomics, especially when shooting from a bench or prone position. It is available in traditional or wider and curved designs with optional soft-touch coating for a better grip. The front grip extension also improves shooting ergonomics and fits all T3x synthetic stocks.

Our rifle grips: the key to steady and accurate shooting

Tikka Grips

Upgrade your rifle's performance with our wider and more vertical pistol grip. Designed to enhance ergonomics, particularly for bench or prone shooting, it's available in traditional or wider, curved designs with an optional soft-touch coating for a secure hold. Our front grip extension is compatible with all T3x synthetic stocks, further improving your shooting experience.

Key benefits

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    Enhances rifle's ergonomics for better shooting

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    Wider, more vertical grip for comfort

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    Optional soft-touch coating for secure hold

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    Pistol and front-end grip extension fits all T3x synthetic stocks