We serve a wide range of customers, ranging from competitive shooters, hunters to defense and law-enforcement professionals. 


As someone interested in the outdoors, the act of immersing myself in nature is as important as the thrill of the hunt itself. ​ I like to hunt mountain species with a rifle, but hunting is also a way for me to keep fit, and spend time on my own. Alongside hunting, I like climbing, archery, and bow hunting. When it comes to rifles, I really value a light-weight weapon that allows me to move quickly and easily across different terrain.


As a hunter, my primary goal is to bring game to the table. But hunting is also part of a wider lifestyle for me, and includes a commitment to nature and the outdoors. That’s why I’m also concerned with local wildlife & ecosystem conservation. In terms of other hobbies – I also enjoy other traditional outdoor activities like fishing, and spend time cooking. When it comes to rifle characteristics that make a difference to me, I need robustness and reliability. It matters to me that the weapon is properly coated for rough, outdoor use, and that the materials can withstand the rigours of the hunt.


As a sport shooter, I’m primarily concerned with accuracy. I want to improve my skills, and achieve better results. I’m looking for new experiences, adventures, and game. In my spare time I enjoy an active life – cycling, running, going to the gym, mountaineering, and climbing are all pastimes I participate in. When it comes to rifles, I’m looking for a high-quality barrel with a guarantee of 1 MOA. The option to personalize rifle characteristics is important to me.


Military snipers are first-hand user of our products. They carry a firearm during their deployment tours as well as their training, most likely with multiple accessories attached to it to effectively engage their target. Their life and the success of their mission depend on the reliability and performance of their weapon. Snipers are familiar with any type of optic for aiming and/or situational awareness. Most snipers have received training on night-time operations and are comfortable with the use of night vision devices. 

Will O’Meara - Revert to Nature

Hunter | Former Special Forces


Special forces operators include both military special ops and law enforcement SWAT teams and similar. They are direct users of firearms and enabling technology and they are shooters by trade, the amount of training they do is incomparable to “standard” soldiers or law enforcement officers. SF operators know the principles of functioning and understand how different technical solutions (weapon, ammunition, optic, enabler) impact the overall performance of the weapon system. They are proficient with various weapon types and usually specialize in at least one type of weapon. They are proficient with various sighting/ aiming systems and night vision systems. They have received advanced training on night-time operations and understand when and how to employ lasers and illumination effectively. 

Jere Hietala - Stay true to what you love

Private Security Contractor​