Gunsmith training days at SAKO's HQ

Our importers worldwide are responsible for the sales and distribution of our products and through them our customers can also get warranty related gunsmith services. Sako arranges training for importers' gunsmiths regularly. This time we had the honor to have gunsmiths from Humbert, France and from GMK, UK for training and visiting Sako Ltd.

As a manufacturer, it is important for Sako to offer training to importers' gunsmiths so that end customers in the countries can get their guns serviced safely and quickly. Safety is the most important thing for us, and only a trained gunsmith can ensure it one hundred per cent.

The most important topics in the training are our latest rifle lines, such as Sako 90, Sako 100 and Tikka T3x and T1x variations. Disassembly and assembly of rifle bolts, rifle maintenance, installation and adjustment of trigger mechanisms, possible detected faults, how to fix them, necessary parts and tools, and working methods are also covered.

On the other hand, Sako can get information from the gunsmiths about their observations regarding our products, working methods and practices. When we get visitors, the benefit is not only related to the rifles but also to the experiences we share.

Sylvain Leclercq has worked as a gunsmith for five years now. Noah Di Lorenzo has just started his career after graduating from gunsmith school and has worked in the business for five months.

“We learned a lot of things during these days. We had a chance to learn new models, Sako 90 and Sako 100, and new trigger groups, Sako S20 and Tikkas, of course. We have talked here about our work in France and what customers are asking for us. This experience in Finland was very cool. This was our first time here in Finland, and we even had a chance to experience snowfall! After this training, we will be effective and reflective in our work.“ Sylvain and Noah told.

Malcolm Grendon has worked for 37 years, and Paul Lewry for 21 years as gunsmiths for GMK. 

“We had lots of information and needed to catch up on new models, new techniques and correct ways to do the repairs. We deliver training for civilian market customers and police forces, and it’s very important to deliver proper training for both sectors. The appearance of Sako 90, especially, is very positive. You have done great work at Sako!” Paul and Malcolm agreed.