Fine-tuned Bedding

Flawless bedding is fundamental for true rifle accuracy

Excellent rifle bedding is one of the most important factors in rifle accuracy. A precise fit between the stock and the action is paramount, providing a solid foundation for long-term stock stability and a truly accurate rifle.

With every shot, the barreled action moves and vibrates within the rifle stock, undergoing tremendous stress and pressure. If the stock and barrel interface don’t revert to the exact same load bearing status after each shot, the rifle will be inaccurate. This becomes even more relevant with aluminum and synthetic stock materials. We have designed the bedding surfaces of each Tikka stock to be in contact with the full length of the receiver, resulting in a well-balanced and accurate rifle that is Second to None.

Expert's point of view

Miikka Tamminen is the Product Development Manager for Tikka. Watch our informative video and let him explain why fine-tuned Tikka bedding is Second to None.

Tikka bedding is second to none

Designed and manufactured for ultimate accuracy and performance under any circumstance, Tikka rifles are truly Second to None. Flawless bedding of Tikka rifle provides a solid foundation for long term stock stability and accuracy. Watch video to learn more.