Extremely robust, solid and light 3D-meshed carbon stock with a low noise signature – to manage recoil forces and enhance the rifle’s repeatable accuracy.

How our Carbon Fibre Stocks are made?

Specific models of SAKO 90 rifles are offered with lightweight carbon fibre stocks. SAKO 90 carbon stocks utilize as technology called resin transfer moulding (RTM), which is used by the aerospace industry for critical structures that need to be extremely stiff but still light. SAKO RTM technology uses precisely machined moulds and a vacuum technique to bond resin and carbon filaments to create a multi-layered 3D mesh structure that surrounds the stock in every direction. This technology provides a solid foundation for the stock to handle all recoil forces. A woven carbon mesh together with a high-tech porous internal structure reduces recoil forces so that even a light rifle is comfortable to shoot. The structure of the carbon layup is also very temperature stable, meaning that shifts in temperature have a minimal effect on the dimensions of the stock, thus ensuring consistent accuracy of the bedding and enhancing repeatable accuracy.

Sako RTM Technology

The SAKO RTM technology creates a construction that is fully enclosed and supported forming a very rigid structure internally with a stiff outer shell but without the hollowness and sound signature of older carbon technologies. The benefit is an ultra-robust, lightweight stock with a low noise signature perfect for the most demanding hunting situations.

SAKO RTM is a tailored technology for any type of hunting in which a rifle needs to be carried at varying altitudes through varying weather conditions. It is an ideal way to save weight on the carried gear and thus save the energy of a hunter to go further and shoot better.