Legendary Tikka Models

The Tikka models that are now considered legendary

Made in Finland

Tikka has a long legacy – all of our rifles are engineered and manufactured in Finland using the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. During the years the Tikka family has grown with models that are now considered legendary.

Legendary Tikka Models

Tikka Suomi Submachine Gun M31 (1926)

The Suomi submachine gun was designed by Aimo Lahti in 1924. The gun was manufactured by Konepistooli Osakeyhtiö, which was established by Lahti, lieutenant Y. Koskinen, captain V. Korpela and lieutenant L. Boyer-Spoof, and which sold the manufacturing rights to the Tikkakoski gun factory in the early 1930s. About 81,000 units of the weapon were manufactured in the Tikkakoski gun factory between the years 1931 and 1945. In addition to that, licenced manufacturing took place in Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland for the army of the respective country.

Tikka M-55 (1968)

A bolt action medium-sized hunting rifle that has a detachable magazine and adjustable trigger mechanism and fixed mount for rifle scope. The trigger weight can be adjusted with the screw at the back wall of the magazine well. A very popular weapon that is used even today for hunting all over the world.

Tikka M-65 (1969)

A sturdy bolt action hunting rifle. The size of the lock enabled the use of the Magnum calibres suitable for hunting big game. The weapon has an adjustable trigger mechanism and detachable magazine. A very popular weapon that is used even today for hunting all over the world.

Tikka M-07 (1976)

Into the Tikka M07 shotgun groove, which was introduced in the market in 1970, was added a scope rail. The trigger mechanism was also changed and developed further than its predecessor Tikka M66.

Tikka M558 / M658 (1989)

The first Tikka models manufactured in Riihimäki. Tikka M558 is the short action version of the classic rifle, whereas M658 is the long action.

Tikka 512S (2000)

All Tikka 512S shotguns are based on the Valmet 412 shotgun designed in Finland. After the Tikka 512S, the production was moved to Italy, the Marocchi factory, at which point the name of the shotgun was changed to Tikka. These shotguns are still produced today in the Marocchi factory; they are now called Finnclassic. The old Valmet barrels are still compatible with the newer Finnclassic shotguns.

Tikka T3 (2002)

The premise of the design was to decrease the manufacturing costs and to have a weapon of a new price segment. All savings in costs were achieved without compromising the reliability of operation, accuracy or safety. In this way, an excellent price-quality ratio could be reached. The Tikka T3 range has been a major sales success; Sako manufactured its millionth unit in March 2020. The most important cost savings were achieved by designing parts that could be manufactured by injection-moulding different fibreglass-reinforced materials. Furthermore, only one action size was designed for all calibres. The changes required by the calibres were implemented with magazines and bolts of different sizes. The Tikka T3 Lite model was Sako’s first to win the NRA’s award for the weapon of the year. In the Shot Show, the Tikka T3 was also awarded the Best Buy! award of the exhibition.

Tikka T3 Tactical (2004)

The Tikka T3 Tactical was developed as a target rifle of medium price range that can be used by both civilians and law enforcement. The National Rifle Association awarded the Tikka T3 Tactical the weapon of the year award in 2007.

Tikka T3x (2016)

The Tikka T3 and its reformed model T3x have been global sales successes and a total of over million units of them have already been manufactured. The biggest change were the stock’s changeable grip surfaces that sold as accessories. The ejection port was expanded and the material of the connector was changed to steel. The rear plate was designed to decrease recoil. The expansive range includes rifles for different purposes, from target rifles to traditional hunting rifles. The stocks also have a range of colours, patterns and surface materials.

Tikka T3x Tact A1 (2017)

An excellent target rifle of medium price range whose largest civilian markets have been in the US. The rifle has a modular stock structure that conforms to the shooter’s personal preferences. The stock is based on the aluminium chassis, ensuring excellent precision. Additionally, the target rifle has been equipped with a metal magazine for ten cartridges. The product has also gained a foothold in law enforcement use.

Tikka T1x (2018)

The small-bore rifle Tikka T1x MTR launched in 2018 was an anticipated addition to the Tikka product range and it was well-received both globally and in Finland. The very easily operated action and good firing feel are of the same quality as the larger caliber T3x rifles. The Tikka T1x uses the same stock as the T3x, which means that moving on to a larger weapon is effortless if the shooter has started their practicing with a T1x small-bore rifle. The accessories of the Tikka T3x are also compatible with the T1x.

Tikka C19 Ranger Rifle (2019)

In Canada, Sako won an important law enforcement competition when the state chose the Tikka T3 rifle as the new service rifle for the paramilitary Canadian Rangers department. The rifle is designed for extreme weather conditions and it passed the demanding tests in which the selection criteria included performance and security of operation.