Our new series of rifles has finally been revealed. Built for the hunt, these models have received a great deal of improvements to offer the best hunting experience.

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Today we serve a diverse group of professional and recreational shooters in hunting, sports shooting and defence & law enforcement. 


Sako is a leading manufacturer of rifles, ammunition and accessories developed for hunting – from the pursuit of big game to varmint control, from the backcountry to the heights of mountainous terrain, we take pride in delivering the best experience with our products.


Sako offers an inspiring range of rifles, ammunition and accessories for sport shooting - and specifically for long-range precision shooting enthusiasts. Our products have been tested & proven over the past decades by defence & law enforcement professionals from all over the world.

Defence & le

Sako Defence & Law Enforcement covers all corners of the world delivering military and law enforcement customers with a vast range of products and solutions. ​

Sako TRG 22/42 A1 new colors

The Sako TRG 42 A1 & 22 A1 long range precision rifles are now available in new colors.

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We acknowledge the past but look to the future. Our rich legacy and deep knowledge of the hunting lifestyle is gathered in our virtual museum for you to explore. This is your unique opportunity to dive into who we are and what life is life at Sako.

From our community

Unboxing with Paul Childerley

Hear the legendary deerstalker Paul Childerley share his first thoughts on the Sako S20 hybrid rifle.

First impressions with Remi Warren

Join the hunter adventurer Remi Warren when he gets his hands on the Sako S20 for the first time.


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A brand new Tikka website is being developed and will be released in the Fall 2023. ​In the meantime, experience and browse the full Tikka rifles selection in the Products section.

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