Stay undetected until you're ready to strike

T3x Lite Polyfade

Blend into the shadows and don't give the game a head start. A camo pattern designed by our hunters for hunters.

Get there before the animals see you

T3x Polyfade, with its class-leading digital camo blending technology, is for the hunter who wants to blend into his surroundings. Specialised hexagonal patterns generate contrast on the modular synthetic stock, and the camouflage colors match a range of different terrains.

Key benefits

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    Camouflage is designed to keep you undetected

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    Muzzle thread as a standard feature

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    Ready to function in extreme conditions

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    Safe to shoot and handle with two-position safety

Key features

Key features

Blending in with your surroundings is key to successful hunting. Camouflage for your rifle is just as important as your clothing. You don't want to give any head start to your prey by being noticed beforehand. Camouflage your location, identity, and movement. The hexagonal pattern and the variable tones in Polyfade camo aid in concealment by hiding the shapes of the rifle with the tones resembling natural colours found in rocky areas around the globe.

Configurations for Your Needs

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